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Because of its rich feature set, Photoshop is a great solution for editing raster files, and its market penetration has been influenced by its popularity in graphics imaging. With the launch of the Mac, Adobe added a Photoshop user interface to match its Macintosh appearance.

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Photoshop is a bit like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Photoshop and Elements (or Photoshop Elements) are like a word processing or spreadsheet program. You can create text and images and layout a page or table. You can crop, align and resize images. You can create an animation or a video. You can edit multiple layers at once. And you can crop, scale or rotate an image with a single click.

Photoshop and Elements are powerful but use complex tools and terminology. The hardware they run on is also more costly than a Chromebook.

Use the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl, Ctrl-X, etc.) to work with images. The keyboard shortcuts are available when you are in Photoshop’s desktop editor, but not while you’re editing an image. A keyboard shortcut can replace a mouse click or a keyboard button press. Many of the commands that you can execute in Photoshop are accessible with keyboard shortcuts.

You can create a keyboard shortcut for any feature in Photoshop. Click your mouse on the name of the feature that you want to make a keyboard shortcut for, and choose “Create keyboard shortcut…” in the shortcut menu. You have the option of making a keyboard shortcut for a menu command. If you want to make a keyboard shortcut for an entire menu, not just for one command, choose “Create keyboard shortcut…” in the shortcut menu.

If you’re looking for more keyboard shortcuts, you’ll find them here.

(CIRCLED) -> Some of the shortcut keys that you can use in Photoshop.

Basic Photoshop Shortcut Keys

Use the keyboard shortcuts to execute commands. Some of the shortcuts are shown in the list below. If you don’t know the name of a keyboard shortcut, you can check the keyboard shortcuts key list.

Ctrl + A: To select all the objects in an image.

To select all the objects in an image. Ctrl + I: To invert the colors of an image.

To invert the colors of an image. Ctrl + B: To create a new blank document. You can use this to make a background image when you need to paint in Photoshop.

To create a new blank document. You can use this to make a background image when you need to paint in Photoshop. Ctrl + Shift + B: To select all the pixels in an image.

To select all the pixels in an image. Ctrl +

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Getting a list of all monitors in windows 7 via python

I am new to programming and I want to get a list of all the monitors on my computer using Python. Is this possible and if so, can someone help me out?


You need to look at pywinauto. It supports the automation of many screen related things.
The example below will list all visible screen and also get the display name of the screen:
import pywinauto
app = pywinauto.application.Application()
screens = app.screens
for screen in screens:
display_name = screen.GetDisplayName()
print display_name

Sunday, January 9, 2015

The 2014 NFL All-Star Game is less than three weeks away, and while the NFL will crown its game in New Orleans (the only real national title game we have) there are plenty of enticing openers in the meantime. What’s more, the Pro Bowl is an important part of that whole event, and once again the majority of the selections will be announced during this weekend’s festivities.

Since we recently highlighted the top rookie candidates for the All-Pro Team, we figured we’d do the same for the Pro Bowl, a bit of a smaller event given that the starters number about 30 players. Once again, we’ll be looking specifically at the position battles, which take place during the week leading up to the game. While most players will be determined on the field, you never know in a long-established game what will happen. For instance, if Joey Bosa of the Chargers gets hurt in the week leading up to the game, fans in San Diego might be seeing Jason Verrett, who has been the best rookie corner in the NFL this year.

So while we’ll be following a lot of the game and probably have more analysis regarding the Pro Bowl as a whole in the weeks to come, the best we can do right now is try to figure out which players may be up for selection in that game. With that in mind, the following list has been whittled down to include players with the best chance of making the Pro Bowl. Keep in mind that there are as many as 10 players at each position, so you’ll notice a lot of players who received votes on the ballot in last year’s Pro Bowl, but were snubbed, and vice versa.


What’s New in the?

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For the first time in over a decade, LAPU has managed to put together a most beautiful female apparel collection for the fall season in general. Pretty colors and prints can be found all over the place in high-end suits and coats, as well as dresses and skirts. No size category is left out as even the petite clothing presents something special: beautifully cut, full-skirted and structured skirts are available for svelte girls in. Aigita Valinska has been a LAPU favourite for a while now, and it definitely shows in her latest collection. Here are some of our favourites.

Sometimes, it’s not really all that easy to decide what to wear, isn’t it? The weather is bad, you don’t feel like dressing up, you know you’re going out but aren’t quite sure what to wear, you’re out with the kids and you want something nice and special for the evening. It can be just as hard to figure out what to wear for your kid’s birthday party, or when you want to go for a dinner with friends. The good thing is that you have two main options that you can pick and choose from, and that is to choose casual wear for work or weekend wear for when you have the ability to relax, and dress up. We’ve put together a small collection of the best casual work wear for men and women and have picked out some of our favourite brands for you guys to look at.Send this page to someone via email

VANCOUVER – Mounties say the identity of a suspect in a deadly van attack in a busy downtown intersection in the heart of Vancouver has been established.

Police say the man, 48, has been identified as Alek Minassian, who had been reported missing by his family.

READ MORE: ‘He was a hero. He saved lives’: Van attack suspect’s family speaks out

Minassian was charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and 10 counts of attempted murder on Friday.

B.C. police have described the attack as a terrorist act, and said they have received 27 confirmed reports of missing people linked to it. So far, none of the victims have been located.

A former roommate of Minassian told Global News that “he had been

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