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WinStats was developed to act as an odometer for your Windows activities. Track the total number of input clicks (keyboard, mouse, etc.), windows viewed, and mouse travel (in feet or meters) during a day, or any numbers of days.
WinStats may be setup to automatically execute at System Start-Up, and resides in the System Tray.







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WinStats helps you count the number of activities done on your computer – mouse travel, window viewed, screen snapshots, and more.
Track keyboard/mouse clicks and mouse travel to see your mouse activity over time.
It is also possible to track the mouse position on a map with a simple click.
Transfers the screen capture to Microsoft PowerPoint, Paint.Net, or can be sent to an emailed report.
WinStats Features:
– Tracker Database/Collection
– Tracking an individual or multiple computers
– Unique color coded information
– Reports with all Activity data
– Integrated with Microsoft Outlook
– Compatible with all versions of Windows
– Reports by Time or Date
– Multi-Layered charts and graphs
– Import/Export Reports
– Tabbed Reports
– Lots of other features
WinStats License:
– 90 Days Free Trial
– 30 days from purchase
– 30 day full refund
WinStats Support:
– Skype Support, Email Support, Web Support, and Phone Support
– May provide support within 24 hours with one of our free trials (Skype, Email, and Web Support)
– It is not possible to provide Phone Support without a purchase.
How to get WinStats Trial
1) Go to to receive your free trial.
2) After you’ve activated the trial, you will receive an email with instructions on how to install the software.
3) Install the software as normal, set your information, and select which computers you want to track.
4) You can perform a full day’s tracking with the free trial, or you can track for specific hours, or for a number of days.
5) The free trial is valid for only one full day of tracking. After the trial is up, the trial will still track your activities for the next 90 days.
6) When you are done, you can export your data to Microsoft Excel, and optionally to MS Office.
7) Be sure to properly un-install the software after you’re done to avoid malfunctioning issues.
WinStats How To
After installation, you’ll see the WinStats window in the System Tray.
Change the tracking settings, test your mouse activity, and if you’re satisfied with the data you are seeing, save it to a file.
Start tracking on multiple computers by clicking the System Tray icon.
You can track either a single computer, or multiple computers if you have more than one. To track


WinStats Free Download is a panel application, which records various relevant computer
Key features:
– Track total number of input clicks (keyboard, mouse, etc.) during a
specified period of time.
– Track total number of windows viewed in a specified period of time.
– Track total mouse travel in a specified period of time.
– WinStats can be configured to automatically execute at System Start-Up.
– WinStats resides in System Tray, runs as background.
– WinStats’ results can be displayed as a graph, picture, etc.
– WinStats can be also used as a real time odometer.
– Save average statistics to a user defined report.
– Detailed statistics can be viewed in a report window.
– Users may specify their own settings (e.g. WinStats Settings).
The latest version:
Version 1.8.1:
– Full support for Windows 9x.
– Full support for US English localization.
– Support for persisting the statistics for multiple sessions.
Version 1.8:
– Updated to support Windows 2000.
– Improved graphics.
– Improved mouse statistics.
– Support for saving averages.
– Improved data saving.
– Improved statistics calculations and output.
– Improved German localization.
– Improved Japanese localization.
Version 1.7:
– Experimental support for saving multiple day histories.
Version 1.6:
– Extended graphics & statistics display.
– Updated to support Mac OS X.
– New German localization.
– Updated to support Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0.
Version 1.5:
– Will run in the background.
– Improved advanced mouse statistics.
– Improved US English localization.
– Improved Japanese localization.
– Improved Chinese (simplified) localization.
– Faster startup time.
– New Dutch localization.
– New Finnish localization.
– New French localization.
– New German localization.
Version 1.4:
– Experimental support for saving multiple day histories.
– Experimental support for saving multiple days statistics.
– Added feature to specify time range to collect statistics in.
– Added an option to automatically start the program at system start-up.
– Configurable statistics display in a picture window.
– Minimized but still trackable.
Version 1.3:
– Added a project file for.NET 1.1.

WinStats With Product Key

A simple tool to monitor and log the number of windows and mouse clicks for a designated
time interval.
Supports the following Windows: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP
Windows Activity Log with Filters, Time interval settings, Adjustable font size, Options page for number of days, and day date.
System Statistics:
Prints stats for each activity and number of seconds spent in each window.
Highlight the activity name and time for each event.
Edit options screen allows:
Change command line redirection for system statistics.
Remove auto run option from menu.
Show in taskbar.
The application can be closed by:
Right clicking WinStats and selecting Quit.
Going to the task manager and selecting the applications Window’s tab and selecting
the applications WinStats option and selecting Close.

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What’s New in the?

WinStats tracks the total time spent within Windows, how often Windows is used, and how long each task takes.

WinStats Features:

Automatically tracks the total time spent in Windows (exclude time spent in Task Scheduler)

Tracks mouse movements using “Mouse” (.NET 2.0), “Mouse” (.NET 1.1), or “Mouse and Tablet” (.NET 1.1)

Display one-day, week, or one-month stats

Tracks Windows open and close events on a day, week, or month

Works on all Windows versions (XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc.)

More customization possible in the “Settings” menu

Track mouse travel using “Mouse and Tablet” (.NET 2.0), “Mouse and Tablet” (.NET 1.1), or “Mouse” (.NET 1.1)

Track total input clicks using “Keyboard” (.NET 2.0), “Keyboard” (.NET 1.1) or “Keyboard and Mouse” (.NET 1.1)

Automatically runs when the system boots up

Edit how your mouse travels is displayed using the “Mouse and Tablet” (.NET 2.0), “Mouse and Tablet” (.NET 1.1), or “Mouse” (.NET 1.1)

System Requirements:

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019

WinStats may be installed on all Windows versions. You’ll see an icon for WinStats under the “Notifications” category.

WinStats may be run on either 32 or 64-bit versions of Windows. For the best performance, it is recommended to use WinStats on a 64-bit version of Windows.

WinStats may be ran on either a stand-alone computer or an embedded computer (e.g., in a router, phone, or tablet).

WinStats does not require a touch screen or a pen or stylus.

WinStats does not require any special DLL’s or third-party programs. You may use the “Mouse and Tablet” (.NET 2.0), “Mouse and Tablet” (.NET 1.1), or “Mouse” (.NET 1.1) to measure mouse movement, and the “Keyboard” (.NET 2.0), “Keyboard” (.NET 1.1)

System Requirements For WinStats:

Preferably, you should be running Windows 7 (Windows 8 is supported, but the textures and meshes have changed a bit).
You will need at least an Intel i5, although it should run on older computers.
You will need 3GB of RAM, although it should run fine with 2GB.
You will need an Intel HD 4000 or better to run the game smoothly.
You will need DirectX 11
For best results, a copy of The Book of Genesis and/or The Book of Adam must be installed.