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The nice grid is a string grid replacement with some extra features. The main goals are:

Uses TDataSet as backend

Uses only Delphi 2007 and later

Uses previous features from TStringGrid

Uses a’smart’ aproach to cell merging and multilining. This feature is still unstable, don’t use cell merging and multilining everywhere

Uses previous features from TStringGrid. If you want to work with headers then you must use headers flag

Uses previous features from TStringGrid, so you can use it as a transparent grid. If you set this property to true then it will not display the grid separators.

Besides the nice features, NiceGrid For Windows 10 Crack supports all of the standard features from TStringGrid:

Set column width and height

Set the left, top, right, bottom Margins

Set Cell Merging, Cell Delimiters (Txt, Delimiter, Char) and Cell Coloring

Set the Line Spacing

Set the Cell Bounds

Set the Header

Set ColSpan, RowSpan properties

Set Column and Row Headers

Set Title property

It makes use of the ODBC component from the FMX5 Firemonkey. This component provides support for data sets.


Extended Properties:

ID = 13

Property Editor:

Double click on column or row headers to get column/row cell properties

Set Columns Widths

Set Row and Column Headers

Set Cell Coloring and Borders

Set Cell Merging

Set Cell Delimiters

Set Merge Mode

Set Cell Colors

Set Row Sorting

Set Column Sorting

Set Right Margin, Left Margin, Top Margin

Set Line Spacing

Set Cell Bounds

Settings DDL Example:

The following is a string where I set my settings DDL example

procedure TForm1.PageControl1Change(Sender: TObject);

if PageControl1.ActivePage = Page1 then
NiceGrid1.DataSet1.Cells[1, 1].Title := ‘Some MultiLine’;
NiceGrid1.DataSet1.Cells[1, 1].Title := ‘Column1’;

NiceGrid Crack License Keygen

NiceGrid Cracked Accounts is a new open-source Delphi replacement for TStringGrid.
It support nearly all features of TStringGrid. It is better, faster, less memory consumption, auto resize grid if required, multiline caption, image added in header, exported to HTML,…
NiceGrid is a Delphi Component and can be used in every project as a replacement of TStringGrid.
This component use a new approach for sorting. It is processed by calling ColumnCompareProc passing GridColumn as parameter. You can set your own sorting mechanism by passing a customized ColumnCompareProc in ColumnCompareProc property.
More Features:

-Have its own sorting algorithm

-Insert new rows directly in place

-Easy Export to HTML, Json, XML, LaTeX,…

-Multi line Cell Text

-Support Png, Emf, Jpg

-Custom Header

-Grid can be resized, can contain images and can stretch or shrink to fit the window

-Can work as a Table, Datasheet, Matrix, Memo, Document

-Easy in every Delphi project

-Can be easily created from templates

-Runs in the background while your application is working with focus

-Can be used as an user control in TForm or TFrame

-Automatically expand grid

-Can be run without initialising components

-Extract columns

-NiceGrid has its own Columns type, Sortable Columns type and Record editing

-Grid can work like a Table, Datasheet, Document or Memo

-Can save to PNG, EMF, JPG or fill the grid with images

-Runs faster than TStringGrid

-Write once, run everywhere

-Thread Safe

-No sample, no license


You must have Delphi up to the current version.
In Windows, NiceGrid is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit applications. It is also compatible with Free Pascal compiler, but in that case you must have the Open Source version.


To try this nice grid component, please download demo from here. It have two demo applications.

NiceGrid Documentation

This documentation is built on basis of the documentation of NiceGrid component written by its author.
You can find the latest version of it here.

NiceGrid Activation

Multi-column String Grid with Global Caption at the top.
Smart Resizing – When you add row or delete, NiceGrid automatically resize itself to the inserted cell.
Using a single control for cell resize and multi-line cell.
Column Text in the left margin of cell.
Column for drawing selected cell’s rectangle.
Oriented (IsMapped) + Deletable column.
Global Caption at the top.
Customizable column’s caption.
Support variable, constant and fixed width strings.
NiceGrid is extremely small, lightweight, and fast.
Intuitive cell editing: insert, delete, cut, copy and paste cells from clipboard.
Efficient edit column.
Full control of graphics by performing CellOnClick event.
Easy to use.

On Screen Keyboard:

NiceGrid has a built-in on screen key board. You can change the keyboard mode from unicode to ascii and then you can use the virtual keyboard for your input.
NiceGrid Examples:

Keyboard Mode Example:

TRectangle= class

Grid1: NiceGrid;
Grid1:= NiceGrid.Create(Form1);
Grid1.Left:= 20;
Grid1.Top:= 20;
Grid1.Width:= 450;
Grid1.Height:= 165;
Grid1.CellOnClick:= False;

On Mouse Buttons Example:

Note: The ‘Mouse Move’ property will not work when the property is set to ‘OnKeyUp’.
‘MouseMove’ property will work when the property is set to ‘OnMouseWheel’.

On mouse buttons click example:

TForm1= class(TForm)
{ Private declarations }
procedure ShowGrid;

Form1: TForm1;


{$R *.dfm}

procedure TForm1.ShowGrid;
nc: TNotificationCenter;
Grid1: NiceGrid;
nc := TNotificationCenter.Create;
nc.OnShow := ncOnShow;

What’s New In NiceGrid?

This is a free (free of charge) component that can work similar
to a standard StringGrid. It can display multilined and merged
string in a self-adapted way. Each column’s appearance and behavior is

Thanks to Marcos Bonete from Miguel Bonete’s webpage for this component.


Here is a basic stringgrid; have a look at the documentation, its user options are quite extensive.

The default behavior is pretty good, but you can set all kinds of text to the ColumnLabel and RowLabel properties.
Edit: If you want multiline, I think using a variant like TJsonString would be a good idea.


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